Checklist for initiating TAI to adults with Navina System

Publicerad av Anna Mars, 2020-03-16 09:00

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Although Transanal irrigation (TAI) is an established therapy, we have found there are still questions and some uncertainties when introducing TAI. TAI Checklist

We want to increase the awareness and knowledge about TAI, so people who would benefit from the therapy, are given the opportunity to try. For some people, TAI could be the answer for an improved bowel function.

We would like to share the experience we have collected from clinical practice, expert groups and not at least, what we have found in the literature regarding transanal irrigation (TAI).

The comprehensive Checklist for TAI contain following information:

  • Patient selection and assessment
  • Checklist – to use during patient visit
  • Teaching
  • Tips
  • Follow up and Adherence
  • Troubleshooting

Download the Checklist for TAI

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